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Data is the key to the future - but how do you collect and utilize your data? It's more complex than you might think.

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Enhance your data with a Data Warehouse

What is Data Warehousing?​

Data warehousing is a process used to collect and process data from different sources with the purpose of providing meaningful insight into a business.

A Data Warehouse is used to connect and analyze business data from various platforms.

With itpilot's Data Warehouse solution, your data transactions are automatically stored - regardless of the platform.

Gain greater insight with data

This important data storage allows you to integrate the data into your analyses. The data is transformed from "raw data" into usable data, which you can use to optimize your business.

When all data is collected in one place, you can extract comprehensive information and present it in clear graphs and charts.

A well-functioning Data Warehouse can therefore upgrade and improve your decision-making basis.

Why should we standardize our data sources?

Diversity of data sources

As a company, you can have many data sources. Perhaps you use a CRM system for customer management, an ERP system for accounting and invoicing, and at the same time collect user data from social media or your supply chain.

Creation of comparable data

Data from different sources are not comparable by default, but they can be with a Data Warehouse.

Importance of the ETL process

Data from the different sources go through an ETL process (extract, transform, load), which means that the data is extracted, transformed so it can be compared, and stored in a Data Warehouse.

One platform for valid data foundation

This means that all data can now be retrieved from one platform - and therefore you get a valid and useful data basis.

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What is the value of a Data Warehouse?

Many benefits of a Data Warehouse​

The value of a Data Warehouse is great - you can monitor whether the activities and strategies you have initiated are creating results, you can gain better insight into your customer segments, and you can analyze your markets.

For a modern company, data analysis provides significant value and insight.

If the data is also made visual and understandable in the form of graphs and models, you can use it as a basis for, for example, adjustments in operations and production.

The biggest advantage of investing in a Data Warehouse is that you get all data collected in one place.

If your data is stored in different systems and databases, it is almost impossible to generate a data analysis that you can make decisions from, as you will lack data and information from other systems.

A Data Warehouse therefore collects your data in one place and ensures updated and coherent data analysis.