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Magento eCommerce is the world's fastest growing professional Open Source e-commerce platform, 
and it has been on the market since 2008. Get a world of possibilities with Magento.

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What is Magento eCommerce?

The best platform for comprehensive webshops​

The Magento eCommerce platform is one of the most used webshop solutions worldwide, and with a Magento eCommerce as the platform, your webshop will have a strong, scalable and future-proof solution.

Magento is built as an Open Source platform, and is used by some of the largest webshops in the world.

Magento is the e-commerce solution on the market that has the most features, and there are over 3,500+ extensions that provide endless possibilities and great chances for success.

Two versions of Magento

There are two versions of Magento; Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) and Magento Community Edition (CE). Basically, the two platforms are the same, but of course there are more features in the EE version, as this is the paid version.

At itpilot, we primarily develop webshops in the CE version, as this is the license-free version, and our developers can therefore tailor the features to our customers' needs.​

Magento becomes Adobe Commerce​

Magento has recently teamed up with Adobe, and now the platform is called Adobe Commerce instead, but the platform still has the same strengths and flexibility as before.

Read more about Magento eCommerce on the platform's own website 

Get a world of possibilities with Magento

​Turn your e-commerce dreams into reality with Magento

With a Magento webshop, you will really get a world of possibilities when it comes to webshops and its possibilities.

A Magento webshop can be designed, built, integrated, and customized to give you exactly the webshop you dream of.

Magento eCommerce is therefore developed for companies that are ready to develop their full potential in e-commerce.

Magento eCommerce is also very user-friendly to use, and you can easily update and replace your content yourself, and you can always be up-to-date and future-proof with a Magento webshop​

We are with you on the entire journey

We help you clarify whether Magento will be the right webshop solution for you. The right choice depends on factors such as complexity and your business model.

We can also help you create a consistent design and brand image.

Read more about our design and communications department here 

Advantages of Magento

One of the big strengths of Magento is the ability to scale the webshop from start-up to large seller. Magento can handle both simple and advanced e-commerce solutions. Furthermore, it is possible to build the same shop in several languages if you operate in multiple markets.

#2 Thousands of Magento extensions

It is possible to get both free and paid extensions for Magento that can be customized to meet your needs. This means that the development of your webshop is cheaper and safer, as the system has been tested by developers from all over the world.

Magento is developed as an Open Source platform, which means that you own your webshop and there are no monthly subscriptions that need to be paid. This means that you can freely move your webshop to another provider if you want to. 

With Magento, you can integrate your webshop with other systems used in your business, such as services like PostDanmark, GLS, e-conomic, Dinero, MobilePay, etc., which can automate, streamline and centralize your workflows.

With Magento, there is no maximum for the number of products, product groups, or customers you can create in your webshop. Therefore, you can use this platform regardless of the size of your product range.

Magento is built as an SEO-friendly platform, where you have the opportunity to make SEO optimizations and install plugins for the same purpose. Additionally, it can be connected to Google Analytics, so you can analyze and plan your marketing based on your webshop.

itpilot safely launches your Magento
webshop into the air

At itpilot, we are Magento experts, and together with you, we can build and create the perfect webshop that suits your business.

We also provide you with a course on how to use and update your online shop, and we can also help with a webmaster support agreement if you do not want to be responsible for updates to your webshop.

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