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WordPress is the world's largest and most popular website system. 42% of all websites and blogs on the internet today are made with WordPress, making it a very well-recognized platform.

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What is WordPress?

World's largest CMS

WordPress is basically a CMS, also known as a Content Management System, that can be used to create websites and blogs. The system is designed as a very intuitive and user-friendly platform, which is market-dominant within website and blog systems.

A website solution built on WordPress gives the user the ability to easily and quickly manage content in an easy and manageable way, and the site can be built up exactly as desired.

Get started regardless of your level

WordPress has thus given the opportunity for everyone in principle to create their own blog and/or website, without having to be able to code, and it can be compared to other similar CMSs such as Joomla! or Umbraco.

Furthermore, it is easy to get help and support for WordPress solutions, as there are many others who have experience with the system.

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Why choose a WordPress website?

Choose the right CMS​

Regardless of the purpose you have for getting a website made or re-designed, WordPress can offer a system that is extremely user-friendly to use, and that you can easily update and manage yourself.

However, it is not guaranteed that WordPress is the optimal choice for your new website, as it often depends on how complex a site you have, and what the purpose of the site is.​

We help you make the right choice

At itpilot, we are ready with professional expertise about WordPress, and we can guide you in which CMS you should choose for your website.

We have extensive experience in building websites from scratch in WordPress, but we can also help you move an existing site from a platform to WordPress if you wish.

We can also help you design a consistent brand image.

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Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is the world's largest Open Source platform for building websites. Open Source means that the source code is free, and it therefore costs nothing to use the system. It also means that WordPress has many hundreds of volunteers to maintain and improve the platform.

WordPress is especially known for its user-friendly and intuitive platform, which everyone can use - even if you have never managed a website before.

So you don't have to learn how to code before you can manage your new WordPress site. We show you how the platform works.

The platform is incredibly flexible, and it is easy to change the website using the simple drag-and-drop system. Furthermore, there is an extensive number of free plugins (add-ons to the system), which are often free to use.

This means that you can get exactly the features you need, and you can always customize the website as your users and the market evolves, in the way you want.

WordPress is written in high-quality code that Google and other search engines love, making it a great choice for websites that want to rank high in search results. Additionally, there are many good SEO tools available for WordPress that make it easier to optimize your website for search engines.

WordPress is aware of the threat posed by hackers and other cyber criminals, and they continuously release updates to ensure that the platform remains secure and safe to use. You can also add extra security plugins if needed, and we can help ensure your WordPress website is compliant. Read more about cookies & compliance here 

If you need an online shop, we can add the WooCommerce plugin, one of the best and most popular e-commerce systems on the market. WooCommerce can be used for simple products or complex online stores. Read more about WooCommerce here 

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