We are proud sponsors of local sports

At itpilot, we think it is important to support our local community.

Therefore, we can proudly say that we are sponsors of the city's football team, Viborg F.F, where we, among other things, have developed an app for VFF.

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Long-term partnership with Viborg F.F.

itpilot has been a partner with Viborg F.F. since 2009, when we became Erhvervsklub96 partner. Since then, we have upgraded, so that today we are Toppartner. Our cooperation is characterized by enduring loyalty and a common vision.

Read more about our collaboration (in Danish):

Mutual cooperation

Our relationship with Viborg F.F. is more than a sponsorship; it is a mutual cooperation. We act as the club's permanent supplier of all IT tasks and have delivered crucial digital solutions such as website, webshop and app.

Read our case about the collaboration with Viborg FF