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Umbraco is an open source CMS, which provides ample opportunities for you to get a tailor-made solution that fits exactly your wishes and needs.

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What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a powerful CMS (Content Management System) known for its great flexibility and intuitive backend/control panel that makes it easy to manage content without technical expertise.

Umbraco is known to be one of the most popular CMS among professional developers, as it is easy to change the source code and adapt and tailor Umbraco's elements for any purpose. Therefore, Umbraco can also be used by everything from large public organizations to smaller companies.

The system can be compared to other popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla.

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Get a professional Umbraco website

At itpilot, we have many years of experience with development and maintenance of Umbraco websites. We can therefore also help you develop a new Umbraco website that meets your specific needs and goals.

Our skilled Umbraco developers are ready to help you realize your wishes, regardless of whether it is about new functions for an existing Umbraco website, or whether you need to develop a new Umbraco website.

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Advantages of Umbraco

Umbraco is built as an Open Source system, meaning the source code is free and license-free. There are no subscriptions or licenses that need to be paid to use the system.

The system is known for having a very user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI), which is quick to learn and easy to navigate. This means that you can easily manage and change the content on your website without having to be web designers. Of course, we will show you how to navigate the back-end.

The Umbraco platform is so flexible that it is possible for our Umbraco developers to build exactly the website you have dreamed of.​

Umbraco can also be integrated with other systems in your company, so you can combine your systems and streamline your working day. It's pure win-win.

Umbraco is particularly known for being an ideal platform if you need a website in multiple languages. With just a few clicks, you can copy the basic structure, and all you have to do is translate the content. This ensures that you have the same digital visual brand image across markets, business areas, and users.

Today, you can't build a website without considering SEO. Umbraco ensures that the code behind the website is SEO-optimized, so Google and other search engines can easily find your website, and then it's just a matter of working on the content.

Umbraco's slogan is that they are the world's friendliest CMS. This means that using the platform itself is extremely user-friendly, which provides you and your users with a top-notch user experience. Additionally, 200,000+ Umbraco members ensure that it's always possible to get help with the system, which means we can always develop and design a feature that meets your needs.

Is Umbraco the right choice for you?

Regardless of the purpose you have for building or re-designing an existing website, Umbraco can offer a platform that is extremely user-friendly to use, so that you can manage and change the content yourself after development is complete.

Umbraco is thus a versatile CMS that can be adapted to a wide range of companies and organisations. However, it is not certain that Umbraco is the right solution for you – it depends on your specific needs.

Umbraco is particularly suitable for medium and large companies, companies with complex needs and companies that require a high degree of customization. If you are in doubt as to whether Umbraco is the right solution for your company, ask us for advice. Our many years of experience with Umbraco and other CMS such as WordPress and Joomla means that we can advise and guide you and help you make the right choice.

Umbraco integrations

With Umbraco, you get a CMS that allows you to integrate your website with third-party applications, e.g. your CRM system, e-commerce platform, etc.

By integrating your Umbraco website with your other systems, you can streamline your work processes. Through integrations, you can send and synchronize data across these systems. This saves time on manual work processes and avoids typos.

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Why choose itpilot as your Umbraco partner?

At itpilot, we have many years of experience in developing websites and specially developed systems. Our experienced developers have extensive experience in developing in .NET as well as C#, which is the codebase for Umbraco. Therefore, our Umbraco developers can also create a tailored and professional solution that fits your requirements and wishes.

We develop unique and tailor-made solutions for our customers. We therefore have no "one size fits all" or a fixed template that should form the framework for your Umbraco website. We understand that all companies have different needs, and therefore we develop unique solutions that meet all your requirements.

Don't know how you would like your new Umbraco website to look? Our design and communication department can create a visually appealing design that reflects your brand and impresses your visitors.

We can also help you with your website's SEO. The Umbraco website is developed so that the technical SEO is under control, but if you need help with your other SEO efforts, we can advise and guide you, or we can help you carry out the efforts.

If you have developed a new Umbraco website and you are not used to working with Umbraco, we will make sure to teach you. In this way, you can be sure that you will get a solution that you can handle and manage yourself in your daily life.

We offer professional support and maintenance for your Umbraco website so that it always functions optimally. If you need a professional partner who can handle ongoing changes and updates, itpilot is the right choice.

Read more about our webmaster support, or read more about our security and update subscription, if you need help handling ongoing updates and backups.

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Umbraco 10 & other Umbraco versions

New updates with bug fixes, new features and security improvements are released continuously for Umbraco. Recently, there has been a lot of focus on Umbraco 7 End of Life (EOL) – and with good reason.

Umbraco 7 was launched in 2013, and it is only 10 years later – in 2023 – that this version reached EOL. Usually it only takes 1-4 years before a version reaches EOL.

The current LTS (Long Term Support) Umbraco version is Umbraco 10, which was launched in 2022. If you have an Umbraco website in version 7, we therefore recommend that you migrate to version 10. In December 2023, the next LTS version will be launched : Umbraco 13.

There is no easy upgrade from Umbraco 7 to a newer version, e.g. Umbraco 10. Umbraco has made major changes to the codebase, and therefore it is a migration and not just an update.

If you need to migrate from Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 10 or another version, we are ready to help. Call us on tel. +45 87 25 07 87 or fill out the contact form, then we will contact you as soon as possible.