Prestashop is a user-friendly and flexible webshop system and is among the most widespread webshop platforms.

With Prestashop you can get a scalable webshop that suits your business and wishes.

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What is Prestashop?

With Prestashop, you can get a professional webshop that can be adapted to your wishes and needs.

Prestashop was launched in 2007 and is an open-source e-commerce platform, which means that everyone can see the source code - and thus developers can easily develop new modules and functions for Prestashop.

In addition to the fact that our skilled Prestashop developers can specially develop modules and functions that are adapted to your business, there is also a large number of different modules available that other Prestashop developers have made.

​That is why we can help you develop the right webshop for your business.

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Is Prestashop right for you?

Prestashop is aimed at a wide range of different companies in different industries, for both small, medium, and large companies. Prestashop is known for its scalability, which makes it easy for you to expand your online shop as your business grows.

Prestashop is suitable regardless of whether you sell B2B or B2C - or both. With Prestashop, you can create differentiated prices, depending on whether it is a B2B or B2C sale. Among other things, this can be handled through customer accounts.

In addition, our Prestashop developers can make the adjustments you need, so that you get a webshop that meets all your wishes and requirements.

Advantages of Prestashop

With Prestashop you have full control over your solution. Since Prestashop is open-source, you own the webshop yourself, and you can easily move your webshop from another business partner to us. In addition, you are not bound by a monthly subscription to use Prestashop.

There is already a sea of different modules and templates that you can use on your webshop. Some are free, others you must pay for. If there is no module that meets your wishes, our Prestashop developers can develop a solution for you.

Prestashop is built so that your webshop can be scaled as your sales increase, you get more products, you expand to new markets (language and currency) and much more.

It is possible to create several different webshops using one Prestashop installation. This is what is called a multistore. With a multistore, you therefore have the opportunity to set up several different webshops e.g., targeted at different countries, and at the same time you keep the product management in one place.

#5 Unlimited number of products 

Just as it is possible to easily scale your webshop and possibly expand to a multistore, there is no limit to how many products you can sell via your Prestashop solution.

In addition, you have the option of collecting several products in product packages. In this way, you can create attractive product packages for your customers, and thereby increase the average basket value and increase sales.

Get more out of Prestashop with integrations

Because Prestashop is an open-source system, it is possible to integrate Prestashop with some of your business-critical systems. By integrating Prestashop with your other IT systems, you can save time on a large number of manual workflows.

For example, it could be integrations to your financial system, freight handling, social media, POS, PIM system, etc.

Some integrations are already offered, but if this is not the case, our skilled Prestashop developers can help develop a solution for you.

First, it is important to integrate a payment gateway. This is a necessity to accept online payments. For B2C-sellers in Denmark, MobilePay is especially a necessity to make the purchase as easy as possible for your customers.

By integrating your Prestashop solution with Shipmondo, order data can be sent automatically to your Shipmondo account. This allows you to easily print package labels and handle orders via Shipmondo's control panel.

An integration with Dinero, e-conomic, Billy and other financial systems means that orders are automatically posted in your financial program.

If you have an ERP system or a warehouse management system (WMS), it would be advantageous to have an integration between these and your Prestashop solution. This ensures that the stock status on your webshop is always up to date. You also ensure that product data in your ERP system always matches the products on your webshop.

​If you use a PIM system today, there are many advantages to integrating it with your Prestashop webshop. Among other things, it helps to create a Single Source of Truth, so you ensure that your product data is always updated on the webshop.

We have developed PIMpilot, which precisely handles the integration from any PIM system to Prestashop. Read more about PIMpilot here.

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