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Both globally and here at home, the number of apps is increasing rapidly. Many dream of inventing the next app success, and at itpilot, we have the necessary knowledge to make the dream come true.

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We can turn your app idea into reality

Do you have an idea for an app for your company? We help you make your idea a reality. Our experienced app developers are ready to help you develop an app that fits your needs and wishes.

We have extensive experience in designing and developing apps - and we know the importance of ease of use and know what works optimally in an app to create the best user experience.

We are with you on the journey – right from the first project meeting to launch and follow-up evaluation and analysis. The development of an app happens in stages, so we ensure the common thread in the process. We work agile, which means we adapt the development of the app as the process progresses.

How an app is developed at itpilot

A professional app project process

At itpilot, we can help you develop the software that is necessary to get an app up and running.

We have extensive experience in designing and developing apps - we understand the importance of user-friendliness and know what works best in an app to create the best experience.

An app project process starts with defining the purpose of the app. An app is not always the best solution. In some cases, a responsive website will work better. That's why we advise you on your options - and we come up with ideas for other functions that may also be relevant for your app.

We will safely navigate you forward

We're with you every step of the way - from the first project meeting to launch and subsequent evaluation and analysis.

The development of an app happens step by step, so we ensure the continuity of the process. We work agilely, which means that we adapt the development of the app as the process progresses.

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App development process at itpilot


Concept & idea

We start by defining the purpose of the app. What is its core function? What features and functions are important for users? Who will use it? Here, we can draw on our extensive experience from other projects and provide constructive feedback and advice.



Next, we focus on making the app as simple and user-friendly as possible. We work with a clear and easy-to-use navigation, as well as an attractive layout that reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience.



Then, our programmers take on the actual coding of the app on the chosen platforms (iOS/Android). We optimize the app's performance and also code a backend as a supplement to the mobile part of the app, if you need administrative access.



Once the coding is in place, it is important to test the app as there are many different devices with different screen resolutions and operating systems. It is therefore essential that your app is tested as widely as possible.



It's finally time for the launch and release of your app in the App Store and Google Play. There are many administrative tasks associated with this phase, and it's important to have our expertise with you to get the app out to your users.



The development and market continue even after the launch - it's important to follow up on the app and see how users are using it, and most importantly, whether they are using it.​

Concept development of the app

When you contact us with your app idea, we start developing the concept together with you. The purpose of the app must first of all be defined, and your wishes for features must be clarified.

Simple features or custom-designed app?​

At itpilot, we can help with both app solutions as well as custom-designed solutions that can integrate the app with your existing website, CMS and ERP systems, and that have an administrative backend system where you can update the app according to your needs.

Our focus is on producing apps with the latest technologies and best user experiences and choosing the app type that fits your needs.

Keep it simple

It's important to remember that you can always start with a simple app that contains the core functionality and later expand the functionality. itpilot is with you on the whole journey, and we ensure that you choose the best solution and that your app is published in the App Store and Google Play.

Integration with hardware

If you want your app to be integrated with hardware or IoT devices, we can also help you. We have previously developed an app for Loadmaster Weighing Systems, which captures data from LoadMaster's weighing module using the phone's Bluetooth.

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Native app, hybrid app or web app?

There are different types of apps:

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps

The choice of app type can have an impact on what your app can do and how it can be used. Therefore, you must also decide which type of app you want at the start of the project process. Fortunately, our app developers have extensive experience with the various types of apps, and we can therefore also advise you on which type of app you should choose.

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Advantages of having an app developed for your company

There can be many advantages to having an app developed for your company:

With an app, you get even closer to your users and customers, depending on the type of app you want to develop. Once the users have downloaded your app, they have a quick channel directly to your company, where they can easily make a purchase, find information, carry out tasks, etc.

When users have a direct and user-friendly channel to your company, customer loyalty will also increase. Users are reminded of your company when the app is available on their phones, and this can lead to increased interaction and use of the app.

If it is a productivity app, it will be easier for employees to maintain an overview of work tasks, create documentation or register working hours and tasks, etc.

If it is an e-commerce app, it is easy for customers to search for products and make purchases. In addition, you can target offers and exclusive content to the individual customer through the app.

If you can develop an app that will support your company and be used by employees, it can lead to the streamlining of certain work tasks and thus also improved business processes.

This is among what we have developed together with Nordic Waterproofing A/S with the Tagpas app. Tagpas was developed to streamline the process for roofers and builders when roofing processes need to be created, submitted and approved as well as documented. In other words, Tagpas are used throughout the entire roofing process.

The advantages of developing Tagpas as an app are partly that the roofer always has the solution at hand, it has become easier to maintain an overview of tasks, and thanks to the phone's camera, roofers can easily photo-document processes and results directly in the app.

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A well-developed app can help your company's branding and brand identity, which can also help differentiate you from your competitors. A well-developed app can become an integral part of the users' everyday life - and thus your brand also becomes a fixed part of the users' lives.

In this way, an app can give you long-term branding - and this increases the likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing if users are satisfied with the app and its functions.

An app can also give your company some competitive advantages - especially if your competitors do not offer a similar solution. With the help of an app, you can offer your users a more personalized and customized user experience, you can facilitate the users' work processes, or you can create additional sales via exclusive offers and discounts and by utilizing the app's options for push notifications.

Through your app, you can also offer a support function so that users can easily and quickly find answers to their questions. It can contribute to users becoming even more closely linked to your company rather than your closest competitors.

Through an app, you have the opportunity to collect valuable data about the behavior of your users. By means of data collection, you can thus gain a unique insight into how your users use your app and what their preferences are.

This data can be used to improve your app or your products and services. You can also use usage data as a basis for your marketing efforts in order to reach a larger part of the target group. Based on your data collection, you have concrete knowledge of which functions are most valuable to your users and thus potential users/customers.

itpilot is your professional app developer

At itpilot, we are passionate about developing solutions that make a difference for your business and for your users and customers. We have extensive experience in developing different types of apps, and we advise you on your options so that you develop a unique and user-friendly app.

We understand the importance of not only delivering a technically well-functioning app, but also a nice and user-friendly interface. Therefore, we also make sure that your app reflects your brand and appeals to your target group - and of course we also make sure that the app is as simple and user-friendly as possible.

When we develop apps, it is important to us that your app is scalable and future-proof. Your app can therefore be further developed; new features and functions can be added as your wishes and needs change.

When you choose itpilot as your app developer, your data and app are in safe hands. We comply with all applicable requirements for IT security, and we generally demonstrate good IT practice. That's why we also have an ISAE 3402 Type 2 declaration, which is your guarantee that we maintain a high level of security.

Shall we realize your app idea?

Are you ready to make your app idea a reality and take your business to the next level? At itpilot, we help with everything from professional advice to publishing your app.

Contact us today and start the journey towards your app!

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