Unique specially developed software solution targeted at the automotive industry


itpilot has developed a unique planning and process management tool for APROMAS ApS, which supports order handling at claim centers and auto paint shops - from the initial customer contact to final invoicing.

Developed in close collaboration with the industry and end customers

With input from industry experts and the system's 1000+ daily users, we have realized the customer's vision of an intuitive process management system that is tailored to handle the automotive industry's order processes and the customer's high demands for quality assurance.

The solution thus consists of a responsive custom developed software system, that can be accessed via any digital platform – mobile, tablet or PC.

Optimization of work processes and increased productivity

The system has been developed with a a focus on optimizing work processes and increasing productivity in car workshops. The system measures and records work processes in order to optimize productivity and make better use of the workshop's capacity. With the system, you have the full production overview and at the same time keep track of the workshop's resources.

The goal for us was to create a system that creates a unified workflow from handling the damage to invoicing - the entire process is combined in one solution/platform. The software solution has thus become a link between the various systems in the industry.

The unique control system is a helping hand for the workshops that want to reduce the time behind the desk, which involves manual paperwork, and instead get more efficient time in the workshop.

Built-in integrations and quality assurance

Quality assurance and documentation is an integral part of order handling in APROMAS, so that the number of errors is reduced, and there is documentation of the customer's and own requirements for quality and delivery time.

We have built APROMAS so that it can also be integrated with financial systems and receive orders directly from the insurance companies' common IT system.

We can also help you develop an IT system for your needs

Has the case given you inspiration to develop your very own IT system that is tailored to the needs of your company/industry? Then you are welcome to contact itpilot and hear more about how we can help you simplify your work processes and increase your productivity.