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Avoid frustrations and have our professional team available with a webmaster 
support and service agreement to update your website and/or webshop at competitive prices.

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Why get a webmaster support and service agreement?

Let your employees do what they do best​

​Often valuable time is wasted in daily operations to maintain and update your professional website and/or webshop.

This places high demands on the expertise and preparedness of your employees to handle tasks where the necessary resources are simply not available in the company to take care of regular maintenance.

We are support experts

But there is a solution! With a webmaster support and service agreement with itpilot, our professional team is at your disposal, quickly and effectively providing ongoing administrative updates in accordance with the agreement we enter into with you.

What does the support and service agreement consist of?

With our webmaster support and service agreement, you also have free access to our many other IT services. You can contact us freely with ongoing updates to the webshop and other IT support-related tasks.

We can help you with, among other things:

Product pages

Graphics and images​

Product and SEO texts

Articles and blog posts

Web solution service checks

Back-end updates

Advice and guidance

And much more!

Get webmaster help tailored to your needs

We take care of your support tasks

Every business is different and therefore has different needs. In addition, tasks can vary from month to month. Therefore, you can contact us and get a tailor-made agreement for your webmaster solution that precisely fits your needs.

With our webmaster support and service agreement, you therefore get a flexible solution for regular assistance, based on the tasks you need help with*.

Get our IT supporters at your service

With a service agreement from us, you can always expect to receive professional help and competent guidance from our experienced team, no matter what user level you or your employees have.​

*Note that we need access to your 
website/webshop/app/IT system to be able to help.​

Contact itpilot and get a non-binding offer on webmaster support

If you need help with webmaster support, simply contact us for a non-binding offer for an agreement.

At itpilot, we have more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry, which allows us to provide our customers with professional advice and guidance.

Call us today if you want more information on webmaster support.

   87 25 07 87

Or contact us on our contact page.


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