Integrations between systems (or system integrations) automate your manual work processes.

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Automate your work processes

All companies today depend on several different systems. Systems that can be described as business critical. The more different systems there are, the more manual work processes you typically have when keeping your data up to date across the systems.

With the help of system integrations, you can get rid of a large part of the manual work processes. These integrations can distribute your data from one system to your other systems. Therefore, this type of integration is also called system integration or data integration.

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System integrations for every need

Our experienced IT pilots are ready to help you develop integrations between your various systems. It can be both simple and more complex integrations.

Simple integrations

When we talk about simple system integrations, it is typically an integration between two systems, where data must be transferred from system 1 to system 2. This is, among other things, what is involved when you send order data (revenue) from your webshop for your financial system. Therefore, many financial systems have also developed integrations from the most popular CMS to their own financial system.

Complex integrations

In the case of complex integrations, it is typically larger amounts of data that must be integrated between several systems. If we take the example of a webshop again, it may be that order data not only must be sent to the financial system, but also to a stock management system, and that stock data must be updated in a PIM system, just as the PIM system sends product data to the webshop.

It does not have to be a webshop, it can also be integrations between CRM, ERP and other business-critical systems. All the systems where the same type of data must be kept up to date can advantageously be integrated with each other. It saves you a lot of time compared to the manual work process of keeping data up to date.

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Examples of popular integrations

There are many integrations that you who run a webshop can benefit from. Especially for webshops, integrations with warehouse management systems, freight management, CRM systems and payment gateways are popular integrations.

For websites, integrations with email marketing platforms, social media, and analytics and tracking services are particularly popular.

To get the most out of your systems, services, platforms, etc., you should have a comprehensive integration solution.

You can have integrations developed for your website or webshop, regardless of whether it is made in, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, etc.

If you have an ERP system, many of your business-critical systems may already be integrated into the ERP system. If not, some of the most popular integrations are with CRM systems, PLM systems, webshops and BI platforms.

You can have integrations developed for your ERP system, regardless of whether you use, for example, SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, etc.

To streamline the company's financial processes, some of the most integrations with financial systems are: CRM systems, warehouse management systems, and HR systems.

You can have integrations developed for your financial system, regardless of whether you use, for example, e-conomic, Dinero, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Business One, etc.

Through integrations with your CRM system, you can improve your sales and marketing processes and generally improve the customer experience. Therefore, some of the most popular integrations are: email marketing platforms, social media, BI platforms, help desk systems as well as (e-commerce) CMS.

You can have integrations developed for your CRM system, regardless of whether you use, for example, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, e-conomic CRM, etc.

Integrations to Business Intelligence platforms contribute to improved analysis and reporting capabilities. Therefore, some of the most popular integrations are with ERP systems, CRM systems, social media, analytics and tracking services and the like.

You can have integrations developed for your BI platform, regardless of whether you use Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Analytics Cloud, Board, etc.

If you use a PIM system to handle your product data, it is first and foremost obvious to integrate the PIM system with your webshop and other sales channels. Other relevant and popular integrations include: ERP systems, CRM systems, social media and the like.

We have developed PIMpilot to handle integrations with PIM systems. PIMpilot works with any PIM system and can be integrated with a lot of different systems.

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You can have integrations developed for your PIM system, regardless of whether you use, for example, Perfion, inriver, Pimcore, Akeneo, etc.

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Advantages of integrations

There are many benefits to having system and data integrations. First, it contributes to the efficiency of your work processes. Productivity increases while errors are reduced. In other words, you will experience process optimization.

The integrations can also give you real-time data across your systems. In this way, you can create a better insight across systems, which enables you to quickly react to business needs and changes in the market, and at the same time it gives you a better decision-making basis.

System and data integrations can also contribute to improved customer service. By integrating, for example, the CRM system and the sales system with each other, a more personal service can be delivered to the customer.

These are just a few examples of why integrations bring a wide range of benefits to your company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help create integrations between your systems.

We guarantee high data and IT security

With our ISAE 3402 declaration, you can be sure that the IT security in the integrations we develop is top notch. With the ISAE 3402 declaration, we can document that we comply with all relevant legal requirements within IT security and that we generally demonstrate good IT practice.

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