IT solutions with a professional project process

At itpilot, we always develop our IT and web solutions with a professional approach and agile project process.

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Software with professional project management

Software solutions that perform

At itpilot, we develop software with a focus on user-friendliness, stability, and performance.

We are forward-looking and consider the possibility of further development of software solutions if your needs change or if the solution needs to be expanded with additional modules, languages, or the like.

Solid experience & close collaboration

Over the years, we have developed software solutions for a wide range of customers. The systems are developed in close collaboration, where we act as a sparring partner.

Based on our experience, we can often advise on which solutions are forward-looking.

Arrive safely at the finish line

We maintain close dialogue throughout the development process, where we hold joint status meetings and test demo versions. If the ideas from the drawing board do not work in practice, they are adjusted so that the project reaches its goal.

This is how we help you from idea to success


Concept & idea

In the first phase, which we also call the start-up phase, we spend time with you to identify and conceptualize as much of your solution as possible. We collaborate with you on core functions, goals for the solution, and generally align expectations throughout the development process.

Here we also prepare a requirements specification, design proposal, and a price estimate for you before we start developing the solution itself.



When expectations, requirements specification, and price are in place, the development of your solution is started. Here we work with design sprints in teams that spar with each other daily, so that new ideas and possibilities arise that can create added value for your solution.

Here we continuously prepare well-functioning prototypes and test your solution, which we evaluate in collaboration with you. This happens through status meetings, where sub-projects are presented and reviewed in practice. This way, we can ensure that we are on the right track and that we match your expectations.



When all development and design are in place, it is finally time to launch your solution on the platform(s) agreed with you. We naturally ensure that this process goes smoothly and that the correct procedures are followed.

We also offer to operate and host your software solution in our own highly secure hosting center.

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Further development & support

When your solution is up and running, we offer to provide support for you according to your wishes and needs. We can create a support and service agreement and/or a webmaster support agreement with you, where we take care of ongoing updates and further development of your IT solution.

After the launch, you are offered a course in how your solution works so that you can update and administer it yourself.​

Get your idea off the ground with itpilot as your software developer

At itpilot, we can help you from idea to success - we develop and support all types of web and software solutions, and we can also help you.

Get your solution developed with our professional project process and IT experts.

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We land your IT solutions safely & professionally

Solid project process & close collaboration

At itpilot, we have more than 13 years of experience developing professional software and IT solutions, and over the years, we have developed a project process that we work from as a starting point when creating IT solutions for our customers.

We place great emphasis on close collaboration and good dialogue before, during, and after the development process, and we always take the time to understand your needs and wishes. Additionally, we draw on our extensive experience and industry knowledge so that you get the most optimal and long-lasting software solution.

We work based on four principles​

We work based on four principles that help ensure quality and value in the work performed for both customers and employees.

The four principles are:

  • Keep it simple
  • Daily sparring
  • Ongoing delivery & status updates
  • Respect for the employees' competencies​