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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about optimizing your website to be found in the search results. It's about optimizing your online content so that it not only appeals to people, but also to search engines like Google. In this way, you can ensure that your company is found by those who are looking for exactly your products or services.

When we work with SEO, we adapt the efforts to your company and current situation. There are, however, some initiatives that are repeated across our customers:

  • Keyword analysis ​
  • Link analysis ​
  • Technical SEO analysis
  • Reporting

Based on the results from the keyword, link and technical SEO analyses, we organize a targeted strategy and effort for your website(s).

Strengthen your visibility online

Do you want to create a strengthened online presence? With professional SEO, you open the door to a world of digital opportunities. When you work with search engine optimization, you not only strengthen your visibility on the web, you also create a robust platform for increased traffic and potential customers.

At itpilot, we work purposefully to understand your business needs and target group, which forms the basis for a tailored and targeted SEO strategy. We know that every business is unique, so our approach to SEO reflects this. Let's strengthen your online presence together and create results that count. 

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Get an SEO analysis

When you choose us as a partner for your SEO optimization, we start by preparing an SEO analysis. The SEO analysis aims to reveal your starting point, including which keywords you are found on today, which keywords you could also be found on, how your competitors perform on these keywords, and how your website performs technically.

In other words, the SEO analysis consists of:

  • Keyword analysis ​
  • Link analysis ​
  • Technical SEO analysis

Get an SEO analysis

Keyword analysis

The keyword analysis is crucial to finding the right keywords for your business. Based on the analysis, it is determined which keywords should be optimized for - i.e. which keywords you want to be found on in the search results.

Based on the analysis, we come up with our recommendations for which keywords to optimize for, but the final keywords are agreed directly with you. Based on this, we can plan a targeted SEO effort for you.

Link analysis

In the link analysis, we examine which websites link to your website - i.e. (external) incoming links. In addition, we also examine your competitors' inbound links in order to find potential links that you can also acquire.

Based on this analysis, we provide our recommendations for a link building strategy that should contribute to improved rankings in the search results for the selected keywords.

Technical SEO analysis

The technical SEO analysis aims to reveal technical challenges on your website. Here we go in depth with the structure and performance of your website.

We examine how search engines index and understand your content, and we identify any technical challenges that may affect your visibility. It can be 404 pages, redirects, incorrect links, loading speed, the website's technical structure, etc.

Get a targeted SEO strategy

Based on our SEO analysis, we can prepare a targeted SEO strategy for your company and website(s). The strategy creates the foundation for the further work with SEO - regardless of whether we have to handle all or parts of the effort for you or you want us to function as a sparring partner and advisor for you.

The strategy is prepared with a focus on best practices and based on the SEO pyramid (a strong technical foundation, the right keywords, on page optimization and off page optimization).

To be successful with SEO, it requires a sustained effort. We naturally take this into account in the SEO strategy, where we include a plan for efforts for a longer period – preferably a minimum of 6 months. At itpilot, we have no strings attached to our SEO collaborations, but we recommend an effort of at least 6 months to ensure that you can see the results of the effort. 

Get a SEO strategy

Let us take care of your SEO

When you choose itpilot as your SEO agency, you get a tailored solution and SEO strategy that fits your company perfectly. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals.

We know that the algorithms of the search engines are continuously developed and changed. Therefore, we make sure to optimize the SEO strategy on an ongoing basis, including content and the technical foundation, so that we can ensure that the SEO effort follows the current trends and changes.

We keep you informed about every step of the journey. With regular and transparent reporting, you gain insight into the development of your SEO campaign. We believe in openness and cooperation to ensure that you are with us all the way.

We keep track of the results

A report is sent each month with an overview of the efforts carried out and the results achieved so far. This way you are always up to date on what has been done, what we recommend and what we have planned to do.

The monthly SEO report includes an overview of your KPIs, so you can follow the development of the SEO efforts. For example, it can include an overview of keyword positions, traffic, users, conversions, new backlinks, etc.

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Advantages of SEO

There are many advantages to working in a targeted manner with SEO. When you invest in an effective SEO strategy, your company can achieve increased visibility in search engines, improved user engagement, increased conversion potential as well as a strengthened brand authority.

SEO - or search engine optimization - is about achieving improved results in the search results. This means that when potential customers search for products or services that your company offers, you are more likely to appear higher in the search results.

In addition, via local SEO you can achieve a strengthened position in searches in your local area.

As you achieve improved rankings in the search results, you will also experience an increase in organic traffic to your website.

With a targeted SEO effort, you will not only attract more traffic, but also ensure that it is targeted and relevant to your business, which increases the chances of conversions and success online.

SEO contributes significantly to an improved user experience and website navigation. Part of the work with SEO is about technical optimizations on the website as well as structured content planning. This allows you to present information more clearly and effectively. This not only makes it easier for search engines to understand and rank the content, but it also creates a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors.

An optimal website navigation makes it simple for users to find what they are looking for, which increases their visit time and increases the chances that they will take the desired actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Thus, SEO not only creates visibility, but also a positive interaction between the visitors and the website.

When your website appears at the top of the search results, it is often perceived as more reliable and relevant by users. This is because people generally trust search engines to rank the most authoritative and trustworthy results first.

When you optimize your website and content for relevant keywords and deliver valuable content, you are positioned as an authority within your industry. Among other things, Google ranks content based on the E-E-A-T principles, which are about demonstrating Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthniness.

A strong online authority helps build trust among your target audiences, which can lead to increased brand recognition, loyal customers and positive interactions with your brand.

As your SEO efforts result in high rankings in the search results and attract traffic to your website, you also have an increased conversion potential. When the content on the website is optimized so that the visitor finds answers to what he/she was looking for, and at the same time it is made easy for the visitor to perform a desired action, the conversion rate will also increase.

Here it is important that the website is also optimized with clear Call-To-Actions, so that the visitor has no doubts about what he/she has to do. It can be downloading an e-book, making a purchase, filling out a contact form, signing up for the newsletter and etc.

SEO known for creating sustained and sustainable results over time. By consistently and continuously optimizing content, technical aspects and link profile, your website's authority is built, resulting in higher rankings in the search results. In other words, SEO is a long-term strategy.

Long-term results with SEO mean that once your website has achieved a solid position, it can maintain that visibility for a longer period of time, leading to continuous organic traffic. This creates a steady stream of potential customers without ongoing costs per visits, as is the case with paid advertising, e.g. Google Ads.

The work with SEO is about building a strong online presence and authority that will support your company's growth over time.

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What does SEO cost?

The price for an SEO collaboration varies and depends on several different factors, e.g:

  • Scope & complexity
  • Current situation
  • Desired results (level of ambition)
  • Technical condition of the website
  • Selection of keywords
  • The competition in the industry & on the selected keywords
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The price for SEO depends, among other things, on whether you want a sparring partner or a partner who handles the entire SEO effort. In addition, the price also depends on the aforementioned parameters.

We do not have fixed SEO packages, as all companies have a different starting point and different ambitions. If you want a more accurate price assessment, you are welcome to contact us.

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