Digitization | Companies can become greener through digitization

There is a great focus on the green transition and digital development, and if we are to achieve the goal of reducing Denmark's CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030, the development must be accelerated - but can the two areas play together and support each other? At itpilot, we have no doubts – the green transition must be helped along the way with the help of the digital transformation.

Companies can become greener through digitization

In 2019 the Danish parliament adopted a Climate legislation, which states that Denmark must reduce its CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 (compared to 1990), and we must be completely CO2-neutral by 2050. This is an ambitious goal, and there is broad agreement that digitization can and should be a key element in the green transition. 

According to articles from online news paper, mm.dk it also appears that The EU Commission has begun to see sustainability and digitization as a collaborative prerequisite for the green transition. But getting the two agendas to work together on the common green goal is a little more difficult than that, and the green, digital opportunities must therefore be given a little help along the way. 

mm.dk writes that the Brussels think tank, the European Policy Centre, has published a report that has reviewed how digitization can support a greener, more robust and competitive economy in the EU, where, among other things, is emphasized that:

  • We must have better collection and exchange of data 
  • We must develop digital systems that contribute to greater efficiency 

The green transition must therefore be driven forward by better and greater public data sharing, of course without exceeding legislation for data sharing and processing. 

But before we even get to more data sharing, we need to be better digitized. 

Make a difference with a digital business model

In recent years, emphasis has also been placed on the fact that companies must help ensure the green transition by digitizing their business models, and even though Denmark in 2020 was the third most digital country in EU, there are still many small and medium enterprises lagging behind on the digitization front. 

With a digitized business, you ensure that your company reduces the environmental impact and CO2 emissions and takes part in the green transition. 

In addition, with digitization you can also ensure that you collect, process, handle, analyze and share your data, so that it can be combined with other agencies that can help support new and better opportunities for the green transition. 

At itpilot, we are experts in digitization, and we have already helped many of our customers to digitize one or more business areas in their companies. 

For example, we have:

  • Developed accounting solutions for bookkeeping 
  • Developed online databases for journals 
  • Developed online databases for rehabilitation programs for healthcare companies 
  • Developed webshops for companies that either want to move their entire sales online or reach more customers using online exposure

What are the benefits of digitizing your business?

Several industries are already well underway to digitize and optimize their companies through the digitization of one or more work areas - but there is still room for improvement and rethinking of the traditional business models according to The Danish Business Authority

Among the many advantages are i.a.: 

  • That digitization offers great opportunities to achieve savings, increase productivity and ease the administrative burden 
  • That with digitization your company remains relevant, adaptable and competitive in the rapidly changing markets 
  • That you can instead focus on your core business, core competencies and business development
  • That you get better insight into your data, which ensures control and an overview, so that you can use your data for development and innovation of the company
  • That it is easier and more secure to collect and store documentation digitally than on paper
  • That you can gain competitive advantages among consumers who make high demands on the company's sustainability profile

itpilot can help your company with the green transition

At itpilot, we can help your company move to green and sustainable heights. We can help with both custom developed IT systems  to your work processes, take the lead by collecting and structuring your data using a  Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution, connect all your business areas and systems in the company together in one united Pimcore platform or develop a webshop, that moves your business online. 

Contact itpilot today and hear more about how we can help your company take the lead in the digital green transition. 🌱