itpilot is Odoo partner

itpilot is Odoo partner  

itpilot is now an official Odoo partner, and this opens up new opportunities and tools that can help both new and existing Odoo users to optimize their business processes and strengthen their digital transformation.  

At itpilot, we help companies with digital transformation, which is why Odoo can be an interesting solution for many Danish companies. With Odoo, it is possible to have a flexible ERP solution that can be adapted to a company's specific needs thanks to the app-based structure.  

What is Odoo?  

Odoo is a business management system that brings together a large number of the systems that a company typically uses. This applies, for example, to ERP, CRM, sales, e-mail marketing, website and much more. In other words, Odoo gathers all activities and systems in one integrated solution.  

The system is a flexible and user-friendly solution that makes it an interesting choice for many companies regardless of size and industry.  

Who is Odoo for?  

Odoo is an open source system which contains a wide selection of different standard apps. Therefore, the system can also be adapted to the needs of the vast majority of companies, regardless of size and industry. There are standard apps for websites and webshops, stock management, sales, invoicing, accounting, contacts, CRM, POS and much more. Odoo can thus be adapted to both service, production, wholesale, e-commerce companies, etc. 

What the partnership means for our customers  

Because it is an open source system, our skilled developers can also specially develop modules that solve your specific challenges and needs. We can therefore adapt, configure and redevelop Odoo modules so that they fit your business processes, which ensures optimal efficiency and functionality. 

If you have other IT systems that need to be integrated with your Odoo solution, we can also help you. Our skilled developers can develop a solution or an integration so that you get the most out of Odoo and your other IT systems.  

Of course, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance of your Odoo solution, just as we can advise you on your options.  

Hear more about your options  

If you would like to hear more about Odoo and your options, you are very welcome to contact us for a non-binding chat. Call Jannik on 35 90 06 09 or click "" below if you want us to call you.