itpilot now offers secure hosting in the US

We have partnered with phoenixNAP so that we can now offer secure hosting for our customers in the US market

itpilot now offers secure hosting in the US 

itpilot has entered into a partnership with phoenixNAP, which means that we now can offer secure hosting for our customers operating in the American market. 

It is important to us that IT security on the American market is as high as our hosting in Denmark and Europe. Therefore, it was also important for us to find a business partner who can guarantee an equally high level of IT security.

The choice fell on phoenixNAP, which has a Data Security Cloud platform that, among other things, complies with the federal HIPAA rules and requirements. In addition, the requirements for GDPR and Privacy Shield are also met, which means that the transfer of data between the EU and the US can take place securely.

ISAE 3402 and HIPAA

At itpilot, we are proud to have an ISAE 3402 declaration, as it gives our customers a guarantee that we live up to a high level of IT security and generally demonstrate good IT practice. Based on the ISAE 3402 declaration, our customers know that we can handle personal data on our servers in accordance with the law.

In the same way, HIPAA is a guarantee of high IT security in the American market. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and is an American law that aims to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of (personal) health information.

It was a requirement for us that our American business partner comply with HIPAA requirements. It is a necessity in order to offer our customers in the healthcare industry secure hosting of their healthcare software applications.

Control, technical support and competitive prices

Some of the other considerations we had when we had to find an American business partner were:

  • Layered security services
  • Full control over our VMware environment
  • Easy access to technical support
  • Competitive prices

It was not easy to find a partner who could meet all our requirements and who could be offered at a competitive price.

”We took various secure cloud solutions into consideration for our use case. None of them came with integrated backups, micro-segmentation, and renowned endpoint protection technologies. Data Security Cloud was unique in that respect and the fact that phoenixNAP is a certified Vmware partner assured us they have the technical know-how and resources we could easily leverage.”

Kenneth Løwe • CEO for itpilot

Nomen NESCIO • Direktør for MinVirksomhed

We are happy that we found phoenixNAP's Data Security Cloud platform and that, in cooperation, we have set up a stable and secure environment for our customers' software applications. It is important to us that we have close cooperation with our business partners, regardless of where they are in the world.

”Our team of 25+ developers operates on a different continent. So, we needed a secure cloud solution that will allow us to host our U.S. client’s healthcare application and at the same time give us control over our VMware environment. phoenixNAP’s HIPAA-ready platform offered us multiple layers of software and hardware-based data protection technologies at an unbeatable price point. Their staff helped us set up the environment and migrate our clients’ workloads to it, letting our teams focus on software development instead on solving infrastructure management complexities.”

Kenneth Løwe • CEO for itpilot

Nomen NESCIO • Direktør for MinVirksomhed

Read more about the collaboration at, or contact us if you want to hear more about your options for hosting in the USA. Call us on tel. +45 87 25 07 87 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.