New department in Aarhus

itpilot opens new department in Viby J

New department in Aarhus

itpilot is doing well at the moment. We are on a growth journey, which is why we have also expanded out team of IT pilots within the past year. Futhermore, as part of our ambitious growth strategy, we are now expanding with a new office in Viby, south of Aarhus.

With the new premises, we will be even closer to our customers in Aarhus and the rest of East Jutland. For some of our customers, this means that it will be even easier to have physical meetings, which we see as an advantage.

At the same time, we can also accommodate those of our colleagues who live in Aarhus or the surrounding areas. The new department can also help attract even more talent as we grow.

The IT pilots who choose to continue to have a fixed base in Viborg also have the opportunity to use the facilities in Viby in between, just as it will also be possible to work from Viborg, even if you have a fixed base in Viby.

Creates joy among the IT pilots

The new department creates great joy among the IT pilots - especially those who live in Aarhus.

”Although the location of my workplace is the second priority to have an exciting job, it will be great to get closer to Aarhus. I also think that it is a wise decision to open a department in Aarhus, both because it is a student city with many students in the educations we are looking for, but also because there are many exciting companies in the city.”

says Emil Rotzler • Programmer at itpilot

Nomen NESCIO • Direktør for MinVirksomhed

Another IT pilot who is looking forward to the opening of the new department in Aarhus is Edgard Pacody: 

"As a father of 3, I think it will be great to have a department close by so that I can get home to the family even earlier.”

Edgard Pacody • Programmer at itpilot

Nomen NESCIO • Direktør for MinVirksomhed

The prospect of the new department in Aarhus prompted Ulrik Magnusson, who is a new programmer at itpilot, to apply for a position: 

"I chose itpilot because of their visionary approach to software development and my passion for the latest technology. Their decision to expand to Aarhus, where I also live, strengthened my conviction that this was the right choice for me – closer to innovation, closer to the future.”

Ulrik Magnusson • Programmer at itpilot

Nomen NESCIO • Direktør for MinVirksomhed

Central location

The new office has a central location in Viby. It was important for us to find a place that is easy to get to, regardless of whether you come by car or by public transport - and we have succeeded. The office is only 4 km from the Aarhus South highway, and both the tram and the bus stop less than 300 meters away.

Greater requirements for communication between the departments

New departments often mean that even greater demands are placed on communication between the departments and the employees. Fortunately, we at itpilot are already used to communicating digitally - both internally and with our customers. Therefore, the new department will not have an influence on our communication - and therefore not on our level of service either.