What type of app is right for you?

How do you choose one app type over another? What characterizes each app type, and what impact does the choice have on the quality assurance of the solution?

Read more and learn about the different app types below.

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We choose the right app type for you

What type of app is the right one?

When it comes to app development, there are different app types to choose from for your app.

It may not be something you have thought about in advance, but the choice of app type has a lot to say about what your app can do and how it can be used.

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At itpilot, we can develop apps in four different app types, each with its own strengths and application possibilities. Our app developers have extensive experience with all types, and we can help you get the app of your dreams developed.

Below we have listed the four different app types, as well as what characterizes each type.

Native app

Native apps are developed specifically for a given platform, typically Android or iOS. This type of app has very few technical limitations in terms of utilizing the capabilities and functions of the mobile device, but this app type requires a deep understanding of the coding language for the platform (iOS = X-code or Swift, Android = Android Studio).

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Responsive Design Web Solution

This type is a pure web solution, which adapts to different screen sizes based on information about the Viewport size, and it only uses the mobile's capabilities and functions to a very limited extent. To use this type, it requires knowledge and experience in optimizing the pages for each device and browser. The solution is typically developed with HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript.

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Hybrid App

This app is basically a web solution that is encapsulated in a Native App shell. It can make use of a large part of the mobile's functions via the App shell, but it generally feels a bit slower. In addition, this type requires knowledge of common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Native code is generated automatically for all supported platforms via the development tool. A hybrid app is often used as a 'wrapper' for a web solution, in order to be accessible as an app in the Google Play and App store.

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Progressive Web app

This type is a web solution like Responsive Design with the same challenges in terms of optimizing pages. PWA is an evolution of the Responsive Design solution, and the primary difference is that it still makes greater use of mobile functions via HTML5 API calls. The support for available API calls depends on the individual browsers. The solution is not suitable for sending push notifications.

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What does it cost to get an app developed at itpilot?

An app is an investment

The cost of developing an app varies depending on your needs and the type of app that needs to be developed.

Therefore, our app development process always starts with an introduction meeting and a concept phase where we work with you to define the purpose of the app and then choose the most optimal app type.

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