With PIMpilot you get a unique cloud-based software application that simplifies and automates the integration between your PIM system and your websites or webshops.

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Get a PIM integration for your webshop

itpilot has developed PIMpilot: A unique cloud-based software application that simplifies and automates an integration between PIM systems and websites or webshops.

There are many advantages to having an integration between your PIM system and your website or webshop. Among other things, it helps to optimize the customer experience and business processes.

If you want a stable and secure solution that automatically synchronizes all your product data from the PIM system with your websites or webshops, then PIMpilot is the right solution for you.

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How does PIMpilot work?

With PIMpilot, you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits. PIMpilot is a cloud-based software application that runs automatically once it is set up.

In collaboration with one of our IT pilots, you help define how PIMpilot should process your product data, as well as which system or systems your PIM system should be integrated with. Thus PIMpilot becomes the link between your PIM system and your websites or webshops.

PIMpilot works with all PIM systems and can synchronize product data with all shop systems. Regardless of whether your webshop is made in Magento/Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla or another shop system, PIMpilot is the right solution for you.

Who can benefit from PIMpilot?

PIMpilot is primarily aimed at companies that have already implemented a PIM system, but have not yet taken the step fully, and thus have not integrated the PIM system with a website or a webshop.

PIMpilot is suitable for companies that have one website or webshop as well as for companies that have several websites and/or webshops - and that handle several different languages.

​With PIMpilot you can easily manage the products across your various websites and webshops. The PIM integration ensures that data is synchronized across your online sales channels with a fixed frequency. In this way, you are sure that all product data – regardless of channel – will be updated quickly and easily.

Integrate the PIM system with other systems

PIMpilot is an effective tool for synchronizing your product data with your websites and webshops, but to get the full benefit of your PIM system, it should also be synchronized with your other IT systems. It can be with your ERP system, with the marketing department's IT systems, e.g. Adobe InDesign, for marketplaces such as Amazon and Google Merchant Center and the like.

If you are in doubt about which IT systems your PIM system can be integrated with, contact us for advice. We have extensive experience in developing integrations between different IT systems.

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Benefits of using PIMpilot

Here, we describe the most significant benefits of using PIMpilot to create a dynamic integration between a company's PIM system and its website and/or online store.

One of the biggest advantages of integrating a PIM system with a website or online store is that it ensures higher quality and consistency of product data. The PIM system is a central database where all product data can be managed and updated at once. This means that the website or online store will always have the latest and most accurate information about the products.

Integrating a PIM system with a website or an online store has another clear advantage, namely that it becomes easier and faster to update product data. With a PIM system, employees do not need to spend time, for example, cropping image material or setting up product data in a specific order - PIMpilot takes care of it all automatically. This ensures that text and images are always presented consistently and professionally on the website/online store.

Since product data is centralized in the PIM system, it can be updated in real-time, which can have a direct effect on the website or online store. Alternatively, product data can be updated through scheduled runs, which means that the online store can respond faster to changes in product information, such as prices, descriptions, images, and/or availability.

With an integration between a PIM system and an online store, product launches can be significantly streamlined. Since all product data is collected in the PIM system, product information can be easily updated when a new item is launched. This way, the online store can be ready to sell the product as soon as the launch takes place, which can increase sales and reduce launch costs.

Another significant advantage of integrating a PIM system with an online store is that it can lead to a better experience for customers. Since the online store will have the latest and most accurate information about the products, customers can have a more precise and informative experience when visiting the online store. This increases customer trust, and in many cases, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

An integration between a PIM system and an online store can also lead to streamlining marketing efforts. When all product data is collected in the PIM system, it is easy and fast in PIMpilot to create, manage, and specify which parameters a campaign should be built around. It can be a special brand, a specific target group, or an intensification aimed at potential customers.

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Synchronization of product data with high IT security

​At itpilot, we take your IT security seriously. That is why we are ISAE 3402 certified. It is your assurance that we have 100% control over IT security and good IT practice. In other words, you can safely let us help you strengthen your business and streamline your work processes with our PIM integration, PIMpilot.

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