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At itpilot, we have the overview, experience, and competence to specialize in developing an
 IT system that can streamline and optimize your daily work processes.

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Get a user-friendly and secure IT system

Develop the perfect system

For your new custom-developed IT system to be a success, your users should be able to navigate it easily. At itpilot, we create simple user interfaces that your end users can quickly learn to use.

A big advantage of a tailored IT system is that you can avoid unnecessary features that you don't use in your daily life.

Our goal is to create a system that meets the needs you have, through a needs analysis with you and your users, so you get a custom-developed system that creates value for you. Therefore, the entire process is done in close collaboration with you.

We help you from A to B​

When we make custom-developed IT systems, we develop applications and systems that work together.

We can also ensure that your data is securely and responsibly stored in accordance with applicable GDPR legislation, and you can access the solution from all browsers and media platforms.

Does the IT system have to work with other systems?

Streamline your work processes

​When your employees are on the go during the workday, it can be a big advantage if they can access the IT system through an app. At itpilot, we can draft an app version of your IT system by developing a so-called API.

With an API, your software can communicate with other software, so your systems can communicate across platforms to streamline your workflows.

Integrate with e.g. e-conomic

For example, many companies use invoicing systems such as e-conomic. Instead of using time and resources to develop a similar invoicing system, we can link the systems together through the API, so you get a smarter and cheaper solution. It's a win-win situation.

What does a custom-developed IT system cost?

The price depends on several factors

The price of building a custom-developed IT system will vary depending on how many features you need and how long it will take to develop it.

The more specialized your industry is, the longer it will often take to develop the system.

Get a non-binding offer

To provide a price estimate for your IT system, we have an initial meeting where we concretize what your needs are and what solutions you want.

Then we calculate the scope of the project and provide a non-binding offer on your very own and unique custom-developed IT system.

Choice of technology for your system

Choose the right framework

At itpilot, we work with some of the most widely used programming languages, development frameworks, and database systems.

The choice of the right framework is important for a successful implementation.

We have the experience to make the right choice

At itpilot, we have many years of experience in advising and recommending the best framework for the various needs that will always be present in the digital needs of companies. 

Read more about our preferred technologies and frameworks here 

Get started today with itpilot
in the driver's seat

At itpilot, our skilled business consultants, project managers, and developers are ready to take care of the development of your IT system.

Get started today by contacting us or booking a meeting so that we can start your journey towards a more streamlined workday.

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