Specially developed IT system


itpilot has developed ARTPILOT. A modern custom developed software system, that organizes and handles artwork online.

ARTPILOT has been developed in collaboration with professionals. By meeting their wishes, we have created the best result for the end user. Over a number of years, we have collaborated with, among others, galleries and art portals, which has given us the expertise to develop ARTPILOT – an art management system that simplifies data management.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. We have developed ARTPILOT to simplify the administrative part of the art world. 

ARTPILOT works i.a. as a visual overview of galleries' art holdings. The works of art can be sorted differently, depending on the purpose. Navigating, filtering and searching are made simple. The system can be connected to invoicing – so that you can send professional invoices and track payments within a few clicks.

The customers' buying patterns are recorded - an effective tool if targeted marketing is subsequently to be carried out.

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