LoadMaster Weighing Systems

Specially developed app & IT system

LoadMaster Weighing Systems

We have made a weighing app with built-in Bluetooth transmitter for LoadMaster.

LoadMaster approached itpilot with the desire for an app, that could communicate with a weighing module with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter.

The company needed to capture data from the weighing module and display the current weight in real time. In this way, LoadMaster could offer their drivers a modern technical solution that they could access directly from a mobile platform.

The app has the advantage that it can be used on existing mobile phones without spending on extra devices/equipment that take up space in the cab.

itpilot has developed the app solution, LoadMaX, for Android and iOS to meet customer requirements.

The app contains the option to save a measurement for history or print directly. Other functions include: search function, option for manual calibration and to send this directly via email or SMS, multilingual (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French and Dutch) and weighing history.

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