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"Companies that discover Pimcore often have challenges with back-end systems and data.

They want to find a solution to their need for a Single Source of Truth for all product information and digital assets."

John DOE • CEO of MyCompany


Stop the data madness and take ownership of your data with Pimcore.

Get control of all your data

As a business, you need to be quick and constantly adaptable on today's digital arenas - one minute we sell products to the world through modern e-commerce opportunities, while the next minute we curse countless, outdated software interfaces away and try to save the situation with hundreds of Excel sheets in one big mess.

Even the largest and most reputable companies struggle today with declining productivity, which is all too often due to increasing data complexity.

Pimcore is the solution you've been looking for

But haven't you also often said to yourselves that there must be a better solution - it shouldn't be necessary to work in countless systems that don't communicate with each other to update one product - there must be a system that is more sophisticated, more configurable, more compatible and not least more user-friendly.

And one that your entire team can use as your Single Source of Truth for product, marketing, and customer data. You just need to find the solution.

The good news is that you can breathe a sigh of relief, because there is fortunately a better solution - and you have found it here with Pimcore.

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is a revolutionary open source PIM system and experience management platform that centralizes and standardizes all your marketing, product, and customer data in one user-friendly and powerful system.

The system can retrieve, manage, and share any form of digital data and is designed to be easily integrated with other IT systems in your company.

Pimcore includes the following features:

​Product Information Management / Product Information Management (PIM)

Ensure a consistent product history across channels. Manage, collect, and distribute data.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Create 360-degree engagement by delivering the right data to the right channel. Collect and maintain an up-to-date version of the company's master data in an easy and simple way and achieve a Single Source of Truth.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Strengthen brand and marketing materials. Manage, share, and transform digital marketing activities.

Customer Data Management / Customer Data Platform (CDM)

Maintain an overview of customer activities for personalized marketing. Manage, unify, and segment customer data.

Digital Experience Platform / Digital experience platform (DXP / CMS)

Deliver content to all your target groups online, social media, print, and offline. Ensures personalized digital experiences on any channel.

Digital Commerce Framework

Amaze your customers with e-commerce on any platform. Communicate with major trading platforms through well-developed API integrations.

What can Pimcore help with?

Pimcore helps you deliver the personalized experiences your customers expect on any given channel and device.

​The platform has integrated data management and experience capabilities that allow it to function as a single unit for all internal departments in your company by:

  • Ensuring consistent product information across any channel from a central source

  • Giving you better control over your master data and avoiding hundreds of Excel spreadsheets

  • Creating a central, digital library archive to ensure consistent brand storytelling

  • Attracting more customers through better behavioral analysis and targeting

  • Making it easy to build relationships between products for use in all sales channels, so you can present customers with similar products that can lead to upselling

  • Ensuring and delivering the unique shopping experience that your customers and stakeholders expect

  • Giving you a Single Source of Truth. This happens when everyone in the company uses the same centralized data across the organization. This is also essential for making business decisions.

Pimcore provides an API-driven approach that is extremely powerful, scalable, and can therefore communicate with the other systems you use in your business to provide you with a single database to work from.

Read more about Pimcore on their website here                 

Therefore Pimcore!

Open-source technology 

The platform is built on open standards, transparent roadmap, latest technology, global community, fast innovation, and decentralized development.

Low ownership costs 

The community edition is free and costless. Enterprise subscription can be added for additional support and access to certified extensions.

Smart system architecture 

The fully API-driven system architecture promotes process improvement and automates workflows with outstanding time-to-market.

 Protects your IP addresses

​Protect your data with a platform you can use, develop, and own without being tied to a vendor.

 Platform is customized for you

The platform adapts to your company's individual strategy and guarantees a seamless integration into your existing IT landscape.


​Pimcore effectively addresses any challenges in the organization's digital development projects by delivering a stable and thoroughly tested developer framework.

Why is Pimcore better than its competitors?

​Pimcore is a unique system

Its strong, centralized platform provides your company with a single system to handle all product, marketing, and customer data, removing information silos, optimizing operational efficiency, improving the customer experience, and minimizing IT costs at the same time.

Pimcore differentiates itself from other PIM systems in two basic principles:

1) Firstly, Pimcore offers data management (MDM) and digital experience management (DXP/CMS) in a single interface where you can work with master data and manage websites, portals, webshops, and product catalogs simultaneously.

2) Secondly, Pimcore is an Open Source system. This allows your company to have full control over the technology while innovating and developing faster than the market.

Solid alternative at a better price

Therefore, Pimcore is a solid alternative to expensive digital experience platforms that have less flexibility. In addition, the platform is the market leader in Europe and has been a great success for brands such as IKEA, American Express, Audi, Burger King, Adidas, and LEGO.

Pimcore is already used by 100,000+ organizations in 56 countries, and you can be the next to join Pimcore.

Pimcore is perfect for sales and marketing

​Helps your sales and marketing teams

Pimcore is an essential tool for your sales and marketing department.

Your salespeople and marketers can access precisely the same, valid, and updated product information they need without wasting valuable time searching in different systems or folders.

Creates competitive advantages

With Pimcore, you get a competitive advantage by enabling scaling and reducing your time-to-market when you can show the right information to the right recipients. Every time. On any given channel.

​Is Pimcore the right choice for your company?

​Pimcore is not the optimal solution for all companies - if you are looking for a PIM system that requires no development effort and allows you to connect data and images immediately, Pimcore is not for you.

Pimcore is a digital platform developed for medium to large companies. But if your company wants to centralize data, automate your business processes, and build sophisticated digital experiences such as B2B portals, websites, and webshops, then Pimcore is the right choice for you.

​Pimcore is for those who:

​Want to configure 
your own PIM system

​Want to use Open 
Source software

Struggle to integrate product and marketing data

​Wish for better 
work tools

​Do not want to be limited 
by standard systems

​Want to reduce time-to-market 
for new products

What does a Pimcore implementation cost?

Get all core functions in one system

The community edition of Pimcore is free to use as it is an Open Source platform. This edition includes all core functions; PIM, DAM, MDM, DXP, CMS, and eCommerce.

In addition, the Community edition also includes unlimited implementations, number of users, and data.

In 2021, Pimcore launched an Enterprise subscription. The Enterprise edition is the commercial version of the platform, and it provides access to premium extensions, long-term support (LTS), service level agreements (SLA), and a business-friendly commercial license for better legal compliance. Enterprise subscriptions start at $1,800 per month.

We integrate Pimcore for you

At itpilot, our Pimcore experts can implement Pimcore's platform for your company, but the price depends on your starting point and how many development and support hours we need.

Contact us and come to a non-committal meeting, after which we can provide you with a price estimate to work from.
Together, we will find the Pimcore solution that is optimal for your wants and needs.

100,000+ businesses are already using Pimcore as their platform for Single Source of Truth - you can be next!

Digitize the workflow in your company with Pimcore's award-winning PIM platform. Our skilled certified Pimcore consultants are ready to help you integrate Pimcore's platform, and we will of course help clarify your questions and needs.

Contact us today and let us start the journey together.

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