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​Since the GDPR legislation became a reality, there have been strict requirements on 
how companies should handle the data they collect online across devices. 
With Cookiebot, you can easily and quickly ensure that the applicable legislation is being followed.

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Data collection and compliance via cookies

Ensure GDPR compliance

In May 2018, the EU introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets new requirements for how companies handle the personal data of employees, customers, and partners. 

As a company, you must be able to demonstrate that you comply with the GDPR regulations.

If the law is not complied with, it can be expensive in terms of fines. It is therefore very important that your company is compliant so that you can protect and safeguard the privacy of your users.

The ePrivacy Regulation also comes into play, which is the specific e-data protection regulation aimed at ensuring respect for privacy and protection of personal data, specifically relating to cookies.

Data is collected in abundance

Data is collected every time a person visits a website, is in online contact with a company, or searches the web - on both mobile and desktop devices.

This data is stored, among other things, as cookies by the companies, giving them access to your personal data.

What are cookies?

Cookies collect data about your users​

Cookies are small data files that automatically collect data about the user, which can be used to improve the user's visit to a website, gather information about user activity, and other technical improvements such as statistics, language preferences, login information, or geo-location.

Cookies are completely harmless - and they are not illegal to collect, they just need to be handled correctly.

Users must give cookie consent​

​With the new legislation, companies were required to inform visitors that cookies were being collected when a user visited a given website. 

Visitors must therefore consent to data collection via a cookie box, where they can see and choose which cookies the company may collect when visiting a website.

You can read more about the GDPR on the Data Inspectorate's website 

These 4 elements must be complied 
with in your cookie solution


The user must be able to consent to the use of cookies. This must be done through an active action from the user.

Cookie information

The user must be informed about all types of cookies that are collected (necessary, preferences, statistics, marketing).


The user must be informed about who has access to the data and how long it is stored.


The consent declaration must be able to be documented.


Cookiebot - making it easy to comply with GDPR and ePrivacy

Cookiebot helps you with compliance

There are several different cookie solutions, and at itpilot, we can help you integrate the most popular solution within compliance, cookie consent, and online tracking using Cookiebot.

Cookiebot is used today on more than 420,000+ websites, handling more than 10 billion user consents and supporting more than 40 languages.

Read more about Cookiebot here 

Cookiebot is therefore a GDPR and ePrivacy compliant cookie solution that is user-friendly, self-service, and cloud-based, so you can ensure that your company has full control over your data and creates transparency for you as the owner and your users.

By using Cookiebot as your cookie solution, you are sure to comply with all applicable legislation, create full transparency, real compliance, and constantly stay in control of what is happening. And it's all at prices that are understandable.

We set up Cookiebot for you

We set up a cookie box for visitors to your site, implement a scanner that continuously scans your site for used cookies, and updates an overview of the data. The Cookiebot solution consists of two parts - the setup, which we take care of, and a monthly subscription fee to Cookiebot.

We also assist you with a privacy policy

Remember the privacy policy as well.​

In connection with your cookie solution, you must also have a privacy policy for your website.

A privacy policy is a digital document that clarifies what data you collect from users and how you store it.

The privacy policy is sometimes combined with a cookie policy on a website, and other times it is separate.

We help you prepare a privacy policy that complies with all applicable rules and regulations.

You can read more aboutprivacy policy and cookies here 

Contact itpilot today and safely reach your goal.

At itpilot, we are ready to help your company with GDPR consulting, privacy policy, and cookie setup via Cookiebot.

We can also provide a free check of your company's IT security 

Call us today if you want further information about developing your Cookiebot solution.

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