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At itpilot, we take care of our customers' web solutions and other hosted products in our own 
top-secured hosting center from our headquarters in Viborg at competitive prices.

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Investing in IT security pays off

IT systems are often the lifeblood of a company, but this also poses a risk. Therefore, regardless of the size of the company, you should consider your IT security. 

An insecure IT environment equals lost productivity and lost orders if the system goes down.  If you lose data, you might also lose product secrets, hackers can empty your bank account and steal personal information.

Indirectly, you risk losses in the form of lost reputation and customer loyalty. At itpilot, we take on the task of managing your company's IT seriously - and that's not just something we say.

We have an ISAE 3402 declaration, which is your guarantee that we are an IT partner and supplier that meets 100% of all legal requirements and international standards for IT security and quality.

Read more about our ISAE 3402 declaration here ​

We prevent and prevent security breaches using the following in accordance with ISAE 3402:



IT security analyses​


User behavior training

Data security

Monitoring and operation


Our hosting is based on the following setup:​

Regardless of whether a Cpanel web hotel, a virtual server or a dedicated server is chosen, these are enterprise grade servers based on the following specifications:

  • Newer generation CPU(s)
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM per virtual unit.
  • Fast NVME disks (redundant raided setup)
  • Sophos XG Endpoint protection
  • Daily backup (encrypted)
  • Monitoring in the supplier's NOC
  • Hosted in one of our top-secured data centers (Viborg, Nuremberg (DE), Falkenstein (DE) or Helsinki (FI))
  • ISAE 3402 type 2 certified
  • Minimum uptime, basic HSLA: 99%

Your IT security is our top priority

Why is IT security important?​

​The number of hacker attacks is rapidly increasing, and it can have large and unpredictable consequences if a website is hacked.

Your website can be misused to distribute viruses, send out spam, act as a phishing site, or be used to attack other websites.

Lack of updates is one of the most common causes of a website being misused by hackers. In addition to the direct risk of losing customers who have a bad experience, it may be difficult to attract new visitors to the website, as hacked websites may be marked as unsafe by Google.

We ensure your IT solution

With itpilot, you can take precautions. We have the experience, skills, and IT security solutions to secure your company's IT solution.

At itpilot, you get identified and closed potential IT security vulnerabilities with customized security solutions that effectively reduce risk and minimize consequences. 

Get a free IT security check at itpilot

Hos itpilot tilbyder vi at lave et gratis IT-sikkerhedstjek af jeres software.

Til gengæld giver I os mulighed for at udarbejde et uforpligtende tilbud på driften af jeres IT-løsninger.

With our IT security check, you get:

  • A specific list of areas where your IT security can be improved
  • Specific suggestions on how to improve your IT security
  • Specific suggestions on how to minimize the consequences of a future virus attack
  • Good advice for an action plan if the company is hit by a virus
    Contact us for a free security check​

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Få sikret og hostet jeres digitale 

løsning hos itpilot

Vi tilbyder at sikre og hoste jeres webløsning, hvad enten I får udarbejdet et website, webshop, app, specialudviklet IT-system eller anden digital løsning, i vores topsikrede hostingcenter.

Kontakt os og få et uforpligtende prisoverslag på at hostet jeres webløsning eller for
at blive sikker på, at jeres IT-løsning er sikret.


Get a modern, user-friendly and SEO-optimized website that engages and guides users around the site.


E-commerce is booming like never before! Create growth and become a player in the online market with a webshop that converts.


Do you have an idea for an app, or do you need one developed? We design and develop the app that supports your brand.


With a PIM system, your business will have control over all product information and data in one integrated solution.

Data Warehouse & BI

Get an improved basis for decision-making by collecting and processing your data from various sources in a Data Warehouse. 

Software development

Do you have a good idea on how to optimize your business processes? itpilot can develop a custom software solution for you.